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Spectre provides instant access to your most frequently used card with a push of the button. Crafted from carbon fiber, this luxurious 3K weave construction provides a sleek, lightweight, durable design. Spectre also features a top-grain leather pocket that safely secures up to four cards and cash, which can be personalized up to three initials with laser engraving.


Product Features

Ejection Slot(s) Thickness Weight
1 7.2mm 2.03oz
2 9.1mm 2.47oz
3 11.6mm 3.16oz

  • Materials- Carbon Fiber: Matte Finish, Stainless Steel

  • Dimensions- 115.5mm x 68.7mm

  • Leather - Secures 3-4 cards and/or cash.  Laser engraving available

Money Clip

  • Materials- Carbon Fiber: Matte Finish

  • Dimensions- 69.85mm x 38mm

  • Thickness-10mm

  • Thickness-0.24oz

  • Holds up to 30 bills/notes