Will my cards work with Spectre?

Spectre Wallets are designed to hold and eject the 85.60 x 53.98 mm card that is the standard size for most bank/credit cards, and gift certificates. Other forms of identification such as visas and passport papers that do not meet the standard 85.60 x 53.98 mm dimensions will not fit into the Spectre's auto-ejecting slots.

Will the auto-ejecting slots damage my cards?

While all cards experience wear and tear over time, Spectre's sleek and smooth design will not damage your magnetic strip or card chips.

Will the springs within the auto-ejecting slots rust or withstand water?

All of the pins and springs used within Spectre are made from Stainless steel, so they will never rust when exposed or submerged in water.  However, if a spring does break, we will replace it for you!

Lifetime Warranty

We got your back! If the springs wear out, break or something is not functioning properly, all you need to do is contact us and ship us the wallet. We will take it from there. Spectre's warranty does not cover general wear and tear.  

How many cards can fit in the leather pocket(s)?

Each leather pocket can hold 3-4 cards and a few bills. You can fit more than 4 cards and bills, but it is not recommended.  Carrying more than 4 cards and bills in each leather pocket can cause too much pressure on the body of the wallet and prevent Spectre from properly ejecting your cards.

How durable is the Spectre's Carbon Fiber frame?

Spectre's Carbon Fiber frame is not only lightweight, but is also very durable.  It will require a great amount of force to permanently damage the Carbon Fiber plates. Spectre can be safely stored in your front or back pocket and can be sat upon without damaging its frame or auto-ejecting slots. Although it is possible to pinch the auto-ejecting slots closed, the Carbon Fiber will quickly return to its proper shape and continue to eject your cards.

Quality of the leather?

Spectre uses top-grain leather. We strive to provide the best, for the best.

Does Spectre protect against RFID theft?

No.  The information stored and transmitted on an RFID credit card has never been enough to complete a single transaction.  Even if a thief were able to catch the signal from your RFID card, they will not have access to the CVV code on the back of your card.  There has not been a single verified report of fraudsters stealing money or accessing your personal information by catching a signal from an RFID card in the US or UK.  Criminals nowadays rely on hacking websites or using card skimming readers at gas pumps or ATMs to get access to your credit card information.