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Dayton, OH
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Spectre Wallets aims to revolutionize your everyday carry with a device that reduces transaction times, eliminates bulk, prevents data theft and makes life simple!

With the slide of a tab, Spectre ejects your card(s) partially, allowing the card(s) to be swiped, without them ever leaving the wallet.  Spectre's patented design gives you instant access to your most frequently used card(s) with just one hand!



  1. Insert credit card into slot with magnetic strip facing out and gently push the center of the card in to secure the card.  Please note that some identification cards (driver’s license, work ID, etc.) may not eject properly due to its size/thickness.

2. To eject credit card, push trigger up. If card seems to be ejecting too fast or not fully ejecting, remove card flip it over to its other side and reinsert card.  If the credit card tray seems to be stuck or not fully ejecting, remove credit card from slot and reinsert the credit card as pictured below and push in to rebalance the tray. 


Each leather pocket can secure up to 3 cards and a few bills.  Too many credit cards or bills can create pressure to the slots, resulting in either the credit cards slowly ejecting or not ejecting at all.  

Each wallet comes with a one year warranty.  If any issues arise, please contact to arrange for a replacement.