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Spectre Wallets aims to revolutionize your everyday carry with a device that reduces transaction times, eliminates bulk, prevents data theft and makes life simple!

With the slide of a tab, Spectre ejects your card(s) partially, allowing the card(s) to be swiped, without them ever leaving the wallet.  Spectre's patented design gives you instant access to your most frequently used card(s) with just one hand!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my cards work with Spectre?

Spectre Wallets is designed to hold and eject the 85.60 x 53.98 cm card that is the standard size for most bank/credit cards, and gift certificates. Other forms of identification such as visas and passport papers that do not meet the standard 85.60 x 53.98 cm dimensions will not fit into the Spectre's auto-ejecting slots.

What is RFID and how does Spectre prevent RFID theft?

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is used to track objects and store sensitive information. Credit cards have begun to use this technology to quickly and efficiently complete transactions. However, hackers have found ways to catch signals from RFID chips in credit cards to steal identities and money from accounts without even touching your wallet. Spectre's design keeps the RFID chip hidden within the wallet to keep your money and identity safe.

Will the auto-ejecting slots damage my cards?

While all cards experience wear and tear over time, Spectre's sleek and smooth design will not damage your magnetic strip.

Can I fit more than three cards and a few bills in the leather pocket?

Yes, you can fit more than three cards and a few bills in the leather pocket. However, if the pocket is overfilled, it can prevent the Spectre from properly ejecting your cards until some items are removed from the pocket.

How durable is the Spectre's stainless steel frame?

Spectre's frame is very durable and requires a great amount of force to permanently damage it. Spectre can be safely stored in your back pocket and sat upon without damaging its stainless steel frame or auto-ejecting slots. Although it is possible to pinch the auto-ejecting slots closed, the stainless steel will quickly return to its proper shape and continue to eject your cards.

Quality of the leather?

Spectre Wallets uses the same leather that is found on $400 dollar handbags. We strive to provide the best, for the best.